Focusing On What Is In A Child's Best Interest

Nothing is more important to parents than their child. It is no surprise that child custody disputes can be extremely heated and contentious in nature.

As a law firm that concentrates exclusively in family law matters, the Law Offices of Liana Stepanyan has helped many parents resolve complex custody and parenting time disputes through negotiations, mediation and trial. We can help you reach a workable, long-term solution that fits your unique family needs.

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The Best Interests Of The Child

Putting children's interests first does not mean there will never be legitimate disputes during a divorce. In these cases, it is often necessary to go to court to protect your child's interests.

If you and your spouse cannot reach an agreement on child custody, a judge will need to decide parental custodial rights and parenting time after hearing from each side. In reaching a decision, the judge asks one simple question: What custodial arrangement is in the best interests of your child?

How issues are framed and argued can have a significant impact on a final order. If retained to handle your divorce, paternity or modification case, we initially take time to listen to fully understand your unique family dynamics.

Then, we will file all appropriate papers and motions on your behalf, present the court with affidavits in support of your motion for custody and prepare for the possibility of trial. We have helped clients throughout Southern California with contested child custody disputes.

Workable Solutions

What are your options in putting together a visitation/parenting time schedule? You have some flexibility to create a plan that works for your family. We can help protect your rights as your family transitions to a new routine.

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