When Is Spousal Support Ordered?

Spousal support, sometimes called alimony, is a frequent issue of contention in contested divorce cases. California courts frequently award spousal maintenance in long-term marriages and if there is a disparity in incomes.

If you are getting divorced and have concerns about spousal support, it is critical to retain an attorney familiar with California divorce laws and the procedures and preferences of local courts. At the Law Offices of Liana Stepanyan, we represent clients throughout Los Angeles County and across Southern California in divorce cases that involve complicated property division and support claims.

Attorney Liana Stepanyan practices exclusively in divorce and family law matters. If retained to handle your case, Ms. Stepanyan will take the time necessary to understand your financial status from a holistic perspective that takes into account your assets, retirement accounts, earning potential and any sacrifice you made as a stay-at-home parent.

Lengthy Marriages Of More Than 10 Years

In marriages of significant duration, often 10 years or more, it is not unusual for a court to order the payment of spousal support for the duration of a spouse's life or until the time the payee is remarried. In marriages of less than 10 years, a general rule of thumb is an award of spousal support for half of the duration of the marriage.

Disparity In Income Or Assets

While spousal support is frequently awarded in marriages where one spouse has greater assets or earning capacity than the other, an award of spousal support is by no means guaranteed. Moreover, the duration of a spousal support award can vary.

Individualized Legal Advice

Ms. Stepanyan represents husbands and wives in divorce cases and has experience seeking/opposing spousal support claims. She also assists clients when circumstances change that may require a modification of an existing spousal support order.

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