All minor children must have an adult who is responsible for them. A legal guardianship is created when a court appoints an adult to be responsible for a minor child who isn't already the adults child. The guardian has legal custody of the child and is responsible for taking care of her well-being. The guardian provides food, shelter, health care and takes charge of the minors educational and religious development.

There are a couple of common mistaken assumptions about guardianship. For example, some people think that a guardianship can be established informally with just an agreement between the child's parent(s) and the person they want to act as guardian. This isn't true the only way that you can become a legal guardian is through a court order. The other common mistake people make is thinking that when parents name a guardian for their children in a will, that person automatically becomes the guardian if the parents die. Even if you are named as guardian in a deceased parents will, you still have to file a petition to be named guardian and ask the court to confirm the parents wishes.

If you are an adult who is considering becoming a guardian of a minor child and need to discuss things in order to figure out whether you want to accept the responsibilities and duties of a legal guardian, please contact the Law Offices of Liana Stepanyan for a free consultation.