California Paternity Cases

A paternity case involves a man and a woman who have had a child but who are not married. A biological mother or father may initiate a paternity proceeding to establish paternity of a child and seek appropriate relief from the court.

A father typically seeks the establishment of paternity for the purpose of seeking custody or parenting time, whereas a mother, who usually already has full custody rights, seeks the establishment of paternity to seek contribution for child support and child care costs.

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Protect Your Rights

As a mother or father, you have rights. As long as you are a safe and fit parent, you have a right to play a significant role in the life of your child. California law favors the involvement of both parents in the life of their child.

Biological mothers start out with full custody when a child is born outside of marriage. A father who seeks a paternity order will typically be awarded parenting time unless he is abusive or otherwise unfit. If a mother is unfit, or if the court believes for some other reason that it is in the best interests of a child to be in the custodial care of the father, the court can award custody to an unmarried father.

A mother has a right to seek a court order that compels the biological father to contribute to the cost of raising a child. And a biological mother who has a child outside of marriage is not required to file a paternity action to seek custody or parenting time, because an unwed father has no custody or visitation rights until paternity has been established by court order.

Find A Workable Solution

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