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A Personal Approach — Law Offices of Liana Stepanyan

When someone is going through a divorce, custody battle or property dispute, he or she understandably has many questions that need answers. When a client is in jeopardy of losing health insurance, the client needs answers. When a spouse starts to conceal or transfer assets, the client needs answers. When parental custody is contested, the client needs answers.

As a compassionate and dedicated family law attorney, Liana Stepanyan provides clients with quality legal representation that is focused on the individualized needs of each client. By providing each client with personalized attention and prompt answers to the questions they face, Ms. Stepanyan helps ease the burden of difficult times and makes a difficult process less intimidating.

A Firm Dedicated to Your Interests

It can be scary to think how much is at stake if you are getting a divorce. The short term and long term financial ramifications of a divorce are tremendous and nothing is more important to a parent than a child.

If you are getting a divorce or are involved in a heated post-divorce custody dispute, you need an attorney who is completely focused on your case and ready to fight aggressively when necessary for the protection of your rights.

As an experienced and dedicated family law attorney, Ms. Stepanyan understands what is at stake for you. As a passionate advocate, she handles each case according to the client's wishes. Whether your case involves divorce, domestic violence, child custody, paternity, child support, property division, spousal maintenance (alimony) or a parenting time dispute, you can be confident that Ms. Stepanyan will handle your case with knowledge and care.

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