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If you are going through a divorce, custody battle or property dispute, you probably have many questions that need answers. Could you be at risk of losing health insurance? Is it possible to trace assets that seem to be missing after questionable transfers? What are your custody rights in California?

As a compassionate and dedicated family law attorney, Liana Stepanyan provides clients with quality legal representation that is focused on the needs of each client. Her personalized attention includes prompt answers to these questions and any others related to the case.

Dedicated To You

It can be scary to think how much is at stake if you are getting a divorce. Decisions that affect short- and long-term finances as well as relationships with a child or children must be resolved during the divorce process.

Whether you have just reached the decision to separate and divorce or are involved in a heated post-divorce custody dispute, you need an attorney who is completely focused on your case and ready to fight aggressively when necessary for the protection of your rights.

As an experienced and dedicated family law attorney, Ms. Stepanyan understands what is at risk. As a passionate advocate, she handles each case according to the client's wishes. Whether your case involves divorce, child custody/parenting time dispute, paternity, child support, property division or spousal maintenance (alimony), you can be confident that Ms. Stepanyan will handle your case with knowledge and care.

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