3 Reasons To File An Uncontested Divorce

Have you made up your minds to go separate ways? Are you generally in agreement about how to do so? An uncontested divorce filing might provide an answer. Seek sound legal advice, however, before making a long-term mistake.

At the Law Offices of Liana Stepanyan in Glendale, we only handle divorce and family law matters. We have helped many couples limit the emotional toll and financial cost by going the uncontested route. Here are several of the reasons to consider this option when you and former spouse are on the same page.

A Shorter Timeframe

It is a common misconception that you can get an uncontested divorce right away. At a minimum, the process in California takes six months. Avoiding litigation is one way to finalize a divorce closer to the six-month time frame rather than several years.

In addition, if you cannot reach a divorce agreement, you still have the option to litigate. A court assigns no prejudice to starting the process one way and then switching to a contested divorce filing.

Low Flat Fee Representation

Our divorce lawyer offers a flat fee on uncontested cases instead of her typical hourly rate. This is a significant advantage and can immediately lower the costs of a divorce.

More Streamlined Process

It is still necessary to go through the Los Angeles County family court. Our lawyer will file the appropriate papers on your behalf and assist with responding to any court requests along the way.

How Do You Get Started?

While you both must be involved in the process, only one of you needs to formally retain an attorney. To better understand your situation and explain how we can help, we offer a free initial consultation.

Set up your time to speak with our lawyer by calling 818-334-2932 or sending us a message.