Marital Settlement Agreements

Marital Settlement Agreement is a document that details the agreement you and your spouse have made during the divorce about how to divide your property and debts, what your child custody and visitation arrangement would be and if child and spousal support will be paid.

We strongly believe that an amicable decision regarding the issues involved in your dissolution is always a better way to handle your family law case as it is less expensive and significantly less emotionally draining. And even if you can't agree on all of the issues, you should still try to come up with an agreement on at least some of the issues, and not leave every decision to the judge.

We will help you to carefully analyze every term of the Marital Settlement Agreement as well as consequences attached to each provision. Not only will we ensure that all of your wishes and objectives are encompassed in your Marital Settlement Agreement, but that all of the required applicable laws are included as well.

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